NTU student appeals to woman who took purse from IMM wanton noodles stall to return it

A netizen, Maybe, recently posted a request from a friend to help search for her missing purse which contained important personal documents.

The post, which was shared on Singaporeable, cited a woman in a white taking Maybe’s friend’s purse which she had left behind at a wanton noodles stall at International Merchandising Mart (IMM) Mall on July 28, between 12.30pm to 12.50pm.

Maybe’s friend, a foreign student in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), said that there were several personal documents, including photos, which were ‘very important’ to her and appealed for the woman to return the purse to a police post, or contact her at her personal number. 

She added that she did not wish to aggravate the situation by lodging a police report, taking into consideration the negative impact a criminal record might have on the woman. 

In the message, Maybe’s friend also attached several photos, taken from a closed-circuit television (CCTV), and debunked any possibility of the woman having a purse of the same design.

Said Maybe’s friend:

“I've considered the possibility of you having a wallet of the same design even after watching the CCTV footage, but it’s been more than 28 hours after the incident. 

“Surely. you’ll have opened the wallet by now and realise the contents are different.

“Moreover the footage shows you opening the purse at the stall itself.

“Also, there's a new prepaid card with my contact details inside.

“While there’s only a few hundred inside, the other personal documents are essential for a student just about to start her semester.

“When you asked me if there was anyone occupying the seat beside me, you sounded like a Chinese as well, so you would recognise the Chinese Identification Card (IC) inside. “

Maybe’s friend added that she was ‘penniless’ at the moment, as the purse contained her OCBC Automated teller machine (ATM) card, as well as various other cards from China. 

Lastly, she appealed again to the sensibilities of the woman:

“You don’t look like someone from an ill-cultured family.

“I have evidence (the footage) of you taking my purse, and I can go to the police anytime, but I don’t wish to do so.

“I’m just a normal student here in Singapore.

“I’m not from a rich family.”