NPCC responds to students in uniform throwing away unused rations in Changi

Submitted by Stomper Edmund

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Stomper Edmund came across several students in National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) attire throwing away unused rations in a dustbin at a carpark opposite Changi Ferry Terminal.

At around 12.15pm on Dec 21, Edmund parked his car and noticed the teenagers throwing the unused rations into the dustbin.

The items that were being thrown included canned food and instant noodles.

Edmund then confronted what appeared to be the leader of the group and asked him why were they wasting food.

After listening, the boy then went off with the group and even gave one of them a pat on the back, much to Edmund's anger.

He told Stomp, "This pisses me off tremendously. They are wasting food and it is morally wrong to do such things."

"It is the Christmas season, why not give it away? Why do you have to throw it away?"

In response to media queries from Stomp, NPCC said, "We have taken note of the feedback pertaining to the wastage of food items."

"The trainees are NPCC youth volunteers who had just completed their training at NPCC Campsite in Pulau Ubin on 21 December 2017."

"The youth volunteers have been advised not to waste food.”