Noticed these new yellow guardrails on BKE? Here's what they are for

Submitted by Stomper Robert

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To help improve road safety, new yellow guardrails were installed along a 20-meter stretch at the beginning of the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) towards Woodlands.

Stomper Robert alerted Stomp to a video posted on Facebook page yesterday (Nov 13) at 5.19pm.

In the caption of the post, it states that the guardrails are made up of steel tubes which absorb energy and plastic barrels that can be rotated.

It also states that the rotatable barrels reduce the impact of a collision and ensure the vehicle remains on the road instead of veering off it. 

The video first shows the bright yellow guardrails, followed by an explanation on how the they work.

When a vehicle collides with the guardrails, energy is produced due to the shock of the collision.

This energy is converted and causes the plastic barrels to rotate.

The safety roller will then lead the vehicle back into the flow of traffic.

The video states that: "This could decrease the car damage and ensure the safety of drivers and passengers in the car."

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