If you see oBikes in drain along Lower Delta Rd -- these are the culprits

Submitted by Stomper Chin

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Latest update: The couple has since turned themselves in to the police [Nov 26]

Stomper Chin was driving along Lower Delta Road when he came across a man and a woman throwing oBikes into a drain.

The incident happened between 4 to 5pm on Nov 19.

He told Stomp, "I was driving and I had to stop at the traffic light. This guy was trying to remove an oBike as the branch had hooked onto the bike."

"After a short while, he managed to release the bicycle from the branch."

"Then, to my surprise, he threw it down into the drain!" exclaimed the Stomper.

The Stomper then started recording and in the video that he captured, the man was caught on camera throwing another oBike into the drain. Shortly after, a woman also threw an oBike into the same drain.

According to the Stomper, in total there were at least three oBikes that they had thrown into the drain but only two were caught on camera.

"Their behaviour is just crazy, really insane. Sick people like them should not even exist," added the Stomper.