Note from the Editor: Welcome to the brand new Stomp!

Hey Stompers, 

By now, you guys must have realised that Stomp has a brand new look. Well, we hope you like it!

Since it's our 10th Anniversary this year (Happy Birthday to us!), what better way to celebrate than to bring to you, our loyal Stompers, something fresh. 

New look

Our new design focuses on three things:

1. A clean layout, better visuals (larger photos and videos, brighter colours) and easier navigation for the reader. To achieve these objectives, we have implemented a refreshing tiled layout, which aims to improve your reading experience. 

2. And if you read the articles, you will also realise that we have increased the font size, the images and the video player.

3. Also, look out for the new Trending Stories feature, where we list down the best stories Stomp has to offer.

New User Experience

Our new design is based on feedback we received from fellow Stompers.

Apart from making the website more visually appealing, we have also improved the load speed and stability of the new website, creating a more enjoyable reading experience for you.  

New WhatsApp Service

You can now reach Stomp via WhatsApp.

Stomp's new WhatsApp service allows you to

1. Receive links to top Stomp stories on WhatsApp;

2. Send contributions to Stomp via WhatsApp; and

3. Receive alerts on Stomp activities, e.g. contests Stomp is running.

Find out more here

New Content


How did a former gangster turn his life around to start his own music school?

How did an overweight dad of two lose 13kg in just 10 months?

And how is it like for a 'chio' young woman to be a funeral director?

In our new Realife section, we interview everyday Singaporeans who have overcome their own personal struggles to achieve their dreams. 

Stomp Gets Things Done

With our extensive social media reach, strong branding and ability to make things go viral in almost no time, Stomp is a force to be reckoned with.

As a citizen journalism and breaking news website, Stomp gives readers a voice and acts as a platform for their opinions to be heard. However, we also do more than just that.

Our brand new section, 'Stomp Gets Things Done', will highlight examples of how we have a made a difference to the lives of our contributors and readers, from helping getting the authorities to react to the concerns of the citizens to reuniting people with loved ones and prized belongings. 

Get Inspired

What good is happiness if not shared?

Stomp's Get Inspired section aims to recognise heartwarming acts of kindness to show that anyone can be a hero and they live among us.

Read about the kind food stall owner in Toa Payoh who charges an elderly woman a lower price than his other patrons, to help her in his own quiet way.

And be inspired by the 12-year-old Yishun Primary School pupil who helped victims of a traffic accident when no one else did. 

Through these feel-good tales, we hope to encourage readers to do good and make the world a better place.

But don't take our word for it, guys! Check out the new Stomp for yourself and tell us what you think here.

Have fun!

Yours sincerely,
Azhar Kasman
Editor, Stomp