Not just Yishun: Cyclist's tyre punctured by thumbtacks on Tampines Street 82 shared path

Submitted by Stomper Alfian

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It happened in Yishun and it is now happening in Tampines.

A cyclist's tyre was punctured by thumbtacks on a shared path at Tampines Street 82 on Thursday night (Sept 22).

Sharing photos of the incident, Stomper Alfian said it happened at 9pm.

"Thumbtacks were strewn on the shared path. I got my bicycle tyre punctured," said the 47-year-old bus workshop supervisor.

"Whoever did this has no care or concern for other users.

"I am really glad that this happened to me instead of others who might have gotten hurt instead. I managed to clear the tacks for safety reasons."

This follows recent similar incidents of cyclists getting their tyres punctured by thumbtacks scattered around the pavements in Yishun, where police are investigating.

Coincidentally, Tampines Street 82 was also where a woman wielding a knife had a stand-off with police earlier this week.