Norwegian man charged for groping drunk woman's breasts and private parts at Clarke Quay

A Norwegian national pretended to comfort a drunk woman at Clarke Quay and took the opportunity to molest her instead, grabbing her breasts and touching her private parts.

Gregersen Tommy, 49, pleaded guilty on Friday (May 18) to the outrage of modesty of the victim, who cannot be named as the court has placed a gag order, reports The Straits Times

The court heard that Tommy had been on a work trip in Singapore on Aug 11, 2017, when he came across the 24-year-old victim after visiting several entertainment establishments.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Marshall Lim said that the victim had visited Zouk, a nightspot in the vicinity with some friends.

She consumed some alcohol and left alone when she felt nauseous. 

Tommy spotted the victim sitting on a bench near the club and approached her.

When the victim threw up, Tommy brought her to another bench. 

It was then the victim’s phone rang.

Her cousin had called her, worried when she could not speak coherently in an earlier call.

Tommy picked up the call and told the victim’s cousin where they were before he hung up.

After the call, he then started patting the victim on her back under the facade of comforting her.

The victim was unresponsive.

Tommy then slipped his hand under her shirt, unfastened her bra, and groped her breasts.

The victim still did not react, and Tommy became even more daring, proceeding to touch her private parts.

This lasted for a few minutes. 

The victim with her head bowed at this point, was completely unresponsive. 

Her cousin arrived at the scene a few minutes later to take her home.

She saw Tommy with the victim and promptly led her away.

It is unclear how the incident was uncovered. 

Tommy is expected to return to court on May 25.

If convicted for outraging the modesty of a woman, he faces up to two years’ jail, a fine, and caning, or any combination of the three.  

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