Northland Secondary School 'very disappointed' to see another student smoking, suspends him

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Northland Secondary School has expressed its disappointment in a student who was seen smoking in public and taken 'strict disciplinary actions' against him.

Stomper Concerned Citizen alerted Stomp to a video of the student that was posted on Instagram, showing the youth smoking while seated on a bench at a void deck.

The student, who was in his school's PE attire, can be seen smiling and posing for the camera.

Concerned Citizen noted that it was not the first time students from Northland Secondary School had been caught smoking in public.

He said: "Just last month, a group of Northland Secondary School students were caught on camera smoking at a staircase landing with their school uniforms on.

"This time, another Northland Secondary School student is blatantly seen smoking in the school's PE attire. It seems that he has not learnt from the previous incident."

In response to the latest video, Mdm Tan Siew Woon, principal of Northland Secondary School, told Stomp: "The school is very disappointed to see another one of our students smoking.

"We take a serious view against smoking, and have advised the student concerned on its ill-effects.

"We have also engaged his parents on the incident, and will be taking strict disciplinary actions against him, including a temporary suspension from school."

Mdm Tan said that the school will continue to counsel the student "to ensure he understands the impact of his actions" and "support him to cultivate positive habits".

She added: "The school will step up efforts to proactively educate all our students about the harmful effects of smoking through our school curriculum and assembly programmes."