Nocturnal barn owl spotted 'dancing cha cha' in Tampines

Submitted by Stomper James

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The unusual sight of a barn owl in broad daylight drew a crowd in Tampines on Tuesday afternoon (Jan 18).

Stomper James shared photos of the bird, which he spotted at the open-air carpark of Block 831 Tampines Street 83 at around 1pm.

He said: "A rare and nocturnal migrant was spotted being kept awake by the wind, dancing cha cha on the branch."

"The owl drew many photographers, bird watchers and curious residents who started streaming."

Known as silent predators of the night, barn owls usually roost in hidden, quiet places during the day and hunt at night.

They make "eerie" screeching and hissing noises that are unlike those of other owls.

View more photos of the beautiful bird taken by James in the gallery.