No 11.11 sale on Carousell this year, shouts local actor Erwin Shah: Here's why

Submitted by Stomper Reethigowlai, Rukumani

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While good deals and huge sales are being advertised in lieu of Single's Day on Wednesday (Nov 11), Carousell has done the opposite by taking to the streets to announce that they will not be having a sale.

Stomper Reethigowlai was walking along Orchard Road on Saturday (Nov 7) at 5.12pm when he spotted a man with a megaphone in hand, alerting passers-by that the sale on Carousell is "not on".

In the video, the man, who is a local actor named Erwin Shah, can be heard saying: "No 11.11 sale".

"People usually shout about sales, not cancelled sales," Reethigowlai said.

"The man was saying: Sale is not on, 11.11 is cancelled this year.

"I was very confused and a little sad. Why are they cancelling sales, especially when the streets are so empty?"

Stomper Rukumani, who also spotted the man along Orchard Road, shared the same sentiments and said: "It sounds like a scam because Singaporeans live for flash sales. How can they be announcing that there's no sales?"

When contacted by Stomp, Carousell confirmed that it is indeed not having a 11.11 sale this year.

But why not?

Cassandra Leong, Head of Regional Brand at Carousell, said in a statement: "While other brands are busy shouting about their 11.11 sales this week, we wanted to take to the streets to give our tongue-in-cheek response that we will not be having an 11.11 sale.

"During the 11.11 season, we usually see a frenzy of buying, because of time-pressured flash deals that consumers are afraid of missing out on. We wanted to remind consumers that on Carousell, there's no need to rush for sales because our prices are lower all year round.

"They can take their time, just as local actor Erwin Shah did when he strolled down Orchard Road to inform passers-by that there will be no 11.11 sale at Carousell."

Cassandra added that she often sees regret purchases finding their way back to Carousell, even if they are in excellent condition or brand new.

"This 11.11, instead of rushing to buy another shiny new thing, we’re reminding consumers that they can find amazing deals any time of the year on Carousell," Cassandra said.

"So, we have NO 11.11 sale because our prices are great, all year round."