2 'nicely wrapped' pears from AMK Hub found to be rotten: FairPrice apologises, offers refund

Submitted by Stomper Dennis

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The six pears were neatly wrapped in plastic.

It was only after he brought the pack of Pasar Ya pears home and unwrapped them that Stomper Dennis made the discovery.

He had purchased the fruits from the FairPrice Xtra outlet at Ang Mo Kio Hub on Nov 21.

"Just when you thought FairPrice was always fair," said the Stomper, "the fruits I bought were nicely wrapped, but two were rotten upon uncovering the wrappings.

"This was not the first time that it had happened. Previously, I had bought vegetables that were fresh and nice-looking on the outside, but once unwrapped, there were lots of rotten leaves inside."

He told Stomp: "I contacted FairPrice via Facebook and they offered me an exchange or refund with a receipt. However, I was not able to do so as I was not available that week. "

The Stomper said he would probably throw away the rotten pears.

In response to a Stomp query, a FairPrice spokesman: "We have been in contact with the customer and have expressed our apologies for the concern this has caused. We have also explained to him that he needs only to produce the receipt for a refund in this instance.

"While we do our utmost best to ensure freshness and quality, we recognise there will be instances where products fall short of expectations, especially where it is not visually apparent.

"To safeguard the interests of customers, FairPrice has in place a Freshness Guarantee policy, which provides customers with the option to return or exchange fresh products that are unsatisfactory at the same store of purchase, with receipt. Customers may also reach us at 63805858 and help.fairprice.com.sg for enquiries or to share feedback.

"We thank our customers for their patronage and strive to provide good quality products at affordable prices."