New video of Geylang brawl shows clearly group raining blows on man while he was down

Submitted by Stomper Ah Boy, Charlotte, Edros, Shawn

A new video of a beating at Lorong 19 Geylang has been circulating on WhatsApp, showing clearly the brutality of the participants involved. 

The fight which involved several men attacking another man in a white shirt was initially captured in a video uploaded by Facebook user Banny Fei

The new video from WhatsApp was taken from a different angle and shows the tense atmosphere moments before the fight broke out. 

In the new video, a man dressed in a black T-shirt is seen leading his companions — a man in a red and yellow singlet, and another also clad in black —  to confront the man in white. 

The leader of the 'entourage' openly taunts and shouts at the man in white, kicking aside a chair as he walks over. 

This prompts the man in white to kick him, effectively triggering the ensuing brawl.

During the scuffle, the man in a singlet knocks the man in white over.

He and his companions then proceed to stomp on the man in white. 

The female companions of the man in white rush over to help him.

However, one of them is assaulted by the man wearing the singlet, and he proceeds to shove the other woman to the ground. 

The three men then walk off.

As they pass by the man in white, the leader of the group lands a punch on the man's face, while his singlet-wearing companion delivers a kick to the back of the victim’s head. 

In response to a Stomp media query, a police spokesman said that they were alerted to a case of public nuisance at Lorong 19 Geylang, and a 22-year-old man was arrested for using threatening words and criminal force against public servants. 

Police investigations are ongoing.