New mum Myolie Wu celebrates 38th birthday with pyjama party during confinement

Nov 7, 2017

How do you celebrate the birthday of a new mum who's still in confinement?

Invite her besties and throw a pyjama party at home, which was what Myolie Wu's husband Philip Lee did on Monday (Nov 6).

The Hong Kong actress celebrated her 38th birthday with close friends Nancy Wu, Paisley Hu, Elaine Yiu, Mandy Wong and Selena Lee who were all dressed in their jammies.

In an Instagram post, Wu wrote "I've spent days in my pyjamas for a month," and thanked her hubby for organising the surprise birthday party.

She said her husband also satisfied her craving for salted caramel crepe by famed bakery Lady M.

To celebrate Wu's new status as a mum, Nancy presented her a bespoke cake topped with a female doll carrying a baby.

But it appears that young Brendan, who was born last month, had stolen the spotlight from his mum as his pretty aunts took turns to cradle and coo at him.