New cyclist who was stranded with punctured tyre grateful to kind souls who helped him

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A new cyclist's account of how several strangers stopped to help him after he was stranded with a punctured inner tube has warmed the hearts of netizens.

Facebook user Eugene Rara shared what happened in a post on SG PCN Cyclist's group page.

He said that he, unfortunately, encountered a punctured inner tube while cycling on Sunday (Feb 21).

"As a new cyclist, I decided to walk with my bike towards Tampines West MRT Station from Bedok Reservoir MRT Station to seek for help and look for any nearby bicycle shops," he said.

"On my way there, a group of passer-by cyclist[s] saw me with my punctured [tyre] and leaped off their bicycle[s], immediately asked me what happened, and went on to fix my bike without any hesitation.

"Afterwards, they told me to proceed to a nearby petrol station to pump the [tyre] as I did not have a bicycle pump."

Eugene encountered another kind soul at the petrol station.

"When I reached the pump at the petrol station, I realised that I require a special nozzle attachment to attach to the pump in order to pump air into my bicycle.

"A young man pumping his car [tyre] nearby offered to fetch me one from his house so that I can fix my bike quickly and make my way back home."

Eugene was overwhelmed with gratitude to the people who showed him such kindness and urged them to message him so that he can take them out for a meal to thank them for their kindness.

He said: "Thank you for taking care of the cycling community and for making Singapore a better place!

"I will remember to pass this kindness forward.

"No amount of words can express how thankful I am! THANK YOU."