Never give up! Young Kazakhstan boy is face of true grit and determination

A young Kazakhstan boy whose demonstration of true grit and determination will inspire you whenever you feel like you cannot achieve anything.

In a video shared by Facebook user Glenn Lim, it shows a tug-of-war competition between two rival teams.

In the beginning, the red team look in bad shape as one by one, team members cross over the line to the other side.

However, the last team mate fought bravely and refused to cross the line even though he came dangerously close a few times.

With perseverance, there was a breakthrough for his team.

Though tired, he went on and the team was rewarded with a win.

Netizens were inspired by the boy's performance.

"Salute to his never give up attitude...well done boy, you're a fighter," said Rahul Borde.

"Life is like this. Never give up," chimed in Sulaiman Hassan.

Watch the inspirational video below.