Netizens irked by Chinese college students getting piggybacked across ankle deep waters

Hardened veterans in life often accuse the current generation of kids for being too soft, terming them as the ‘strawberry generation’. 

However, they may have a point as illustrated by this example of Chinese college students getting piggybacked across ankle-deep waters, just to avoid getting their feet wet. 

The incident happened on Thursday (Jun 15) at Liupanshui Normal College in GuiZhou province, reports The Coverage

Due to a heavy downpour, roads near the campus were submerged.

The school thus, placed benched for the students to walk on, and even deployed cleaners to help ‘ferry’ the students to the entrance of the college. 

When photos of the incident were uploaded online, many were irked, referring to the students as ‘giant babies’.

One netizen wrote:

“They’re too spoiled. 

“The water is only as deep as their feet. 

“For kindergarten kids, it’s fine, but not for university students. 

“I don’t understand why the school had to do that.”

Do you agree?