Netizens in flame war over Zoe Gabriel saga say they're being 'cyberbullied'

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He mocked her looks. She made fun of his name.

All over a teen TikToker who went viral after being shamed for calling a Charles & Keith tote a "luxury bag" in January.

Zoe Gabriel, 17, has since modelled for the brand's International Women’s Day campaign and starred in TikTok videos for AirAsia.

On April 11, Facebook user Serene Ho shared screenshots of allegations by another netizen that Zoe had misrepresented her financial background to gain sympathy and attention.

Serene posted: "Appears that the Charles and Keith Pinoy girl is not as poor as she makes herself out to be. Her dad probably earns more than most Singaporeans. How many of us can afford to homeschool our kids? Don’t be hoodwinked by her."

On April 14, a different Facebook user by the name of Orion Perez D posted a 35-minute video where he called out Serene by name as well as other detractors of the Gabriels, and refuted the allegations.


This video is for all of the recent bashers of Zoe Gabriel (the CHARLES & KEITH girl) who claim that “Zoe is lying when...

Posted by Orion Perez D on Friday, April 14, 2023


On the same day, he posted a photo of Serene and said: "This is the Serene Ho who has recently been inciting hatred against Zoe Gabriel (the Charles & Keith girl) and her family.

"By the way, do not attack her physically.

"What you can do is just remind her that her assumptions about Zoe Gabriel and her family are generally wrong and based on her ignorance of the fact that foreigners working in Singapore with school-age kids have to pay huge sums of money to send them to local MOE schools.

"She doesn't know that for a family of six foreigners with one breadwinner, whatever supposedly 'high income' she imagines Zoe's father makes ends up depleted by the high cost of rent (especially now) and the high costs of unsubsidised education for four kids."

On Monday (April 17), Serene responded by sharing a photo of Orion and screenshots of his posts.

She said: 'So this is Orion Perez D, the long-time Filipino resident who lives in Singapore who has been mobilising his fellow countrymen to come to my page to 'remind' me how fortunate I am to be Singaporean and how I am wrong in my assumptions about the C&K girl.

"After stoking so much anger towards me does he really expect his 'friends' not to cyberbully and insult me? I received a threat from one of his friends, who mentioned him in his threatening comment that I am being watched, so they are obviously acquainted."

More tit for tat ensued on their respective Facebook pages.

At one point, Orion posted: "When your face like that, hor, better be nice to other people lah."

Later, when she found out his full name is Orion Perez Dumdum, Serene posted: "When Dumdum is your last name, you need to act nicer to people hor."

And she would keep referring to him as "Dumdum".

Orion told Stomp he was being "cyberbullied by Zoe haters".

He added: "Serene is no longer attacking Zoe. Serene is now attacking me."

On Tuesday, Serene said on Facebook that she had submitted a complaint to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and a police report would be next.

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