Netizens are freaking out over these 'corpse' body pillows from Thailand

Tay Hui Zhen
Sep 21, 2017

The seventh lunar month has just ended, but a type of ghost is making waves in our neighbouring countries - in the form of a cushion.

Thai online store Mon Hia, known for making life-sized pillows resembling giant lizards, durians and other things they think people want to wake up next to, recently released their horror collection which includes the Chinese zombie and Japanese slit-mouthed female spirit Kuchisake-onna.

But the hot favourite seems to be the Malaysian/Indonesian pocong - a dead person's soul trapped in its burial shroud.

Thai media have been erroneously calling the pocong a corpse because "many people don’t read what I said", Khaosod English quoted Mon Hia owner Nattawud Supsumruam as saying.


The Facebook post of the design, published last Friday (Sept 15), has triggered more than 16,000 Reactions and been shared over 37,000 times.

The post has reached Malaysians and Indonesians, who identified the ghost immediately and were both horrified and excited by the idea of going to bed with it.

Mon Hia says delivery to Singapore is possible. So if sleeping with a ghost is your thing, the 1.65m-tall pocong in a bloodied shroud is yours for 1,444 baht (S$59), exclusive of shipping fees.

Sweet dreams.