Netizen praises workers for handing out umbrellas outside ICA Building during rain

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A netizen was inspired by the kindness of workers who handed out umbrellas on a rainy day.

Facebook netizen Cygig shared his experience in a post on Complaint Singapore's Facebook group page on Tuesday (Mar 30).

However, instead of a complaint, he posted a compliment.

"There is an unsheltered area between [the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building] and the bridge going across Rochor River near Lavender MRT [Station].

"It was raining today and two construction workers were handing out umbrellas to the passers-by.

"A passer-by will collect the umbrella from either one of them depending on which direction they are heading, and then return it to the other after crossing the rainy path.

"The umbrellas then get recycled.

"I thought this is quite clever and practical, no need for unnecessary and expensive technology. +1 to the workers!"