Neighbours pour unknown liquid and throw dirt from drain along corridor in Yishun Blk 208

Submitted by Stomper Wilson

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Perhaps it's time for another wall to be built in Yishun -- this time, on the seventh storey of Yishun Street 21 Block 208. 

Stomper Wilson alerted Stomp yesterday (May 31) to two separate occasions his neighbours have been pouring liquids along the shared corridor near his housing unit.

In the videos the Stomper contributed, taken last month (Apr 30) and last week (May 26), a man can be seen disposing of liquid near the Stomper's potted plants along the common corridor.

One of the videos even shows a woman picking up something from the drain and throwing it towards the Stomper's unit. 

Said the Stomper:

"This has been going on for at least 10 years.

"Before the block underwent the Home Improvement Program, they were collecting cans from the street and from the basement of Northpoint Shopping Centre. 

"When they collect it, it is not entirely clean. After cleaning it, they will consolidate all the residue and pour it at the corridor.

"Over the years, it is the residuals of soft drink cans most of the time. Sometimes there are jelly-like substances as well.

"It is definitely not water because the liquid has a smell to it.

"We recently installed a CCTV camera near our unit and we managed to catch them in the act.

"Their actions caused one of my flowers to wither."

The Stomper has since made a police report last night.