Neighbour burning joss sticks in corridor every day has 'affected our health': Sims Drive resident

Submitted by Stomper SS

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She likened it to haze from burning rubber.

A Sims Drive resident said the daily burning of joss sticks by her neighbour in the corridor of their HDB block "has gotten out of hand".

The health of her household has been affected, claimed Stomper SS, who has approached different government agencies for help with little success.

"My neighbour built a small altar outside their home and they have been burning incense sticks two to three times every day," said the Stomper, who is Chinese.

"Actually, it has been going on ever since we moved in 10 years ago. We didn’t think much about it as we thought it’s just a practice of their religion and everyone has the freedom to practise their religious belief.

"However, recently, we had to bring this issue to the National Environment Agency and the town council because geographically, we are on the receiving end of all the smoke and smell of the incense due to the direction of the wind that just always tends to blow towards our place, and the size of the incense stick and the frequency at which they burn it has increased.

"We understand it’s a religious belief. So we respect that and didn’t say anything before, but when it has gotten out of hand and affected our health. Imagine haze from rubber burning coming at you every day.

"We thought we needed to take it to the authorities. The police couldn’t do anything as it’s not like we had a confrontation or argument with the neighbour. They also think the burning of incense stick is not a fire concern.

"The town council has verbally advised them to remove or relocate the altar, but they are still burning, albeit smaller incense sticks. It’s hard to think they are going to remove the altar."

Stomp has contacted Jalan Besar Town Council for more info.

The Stomper added: "We are curious as to whether this is a common practice. I have asked around my friends and was told that usually, people burn incense sticks at an altar built inside their home and they also don’t burn it every day."