Near-death experience for 4-year-old boy allergic to peanuts after consuming soba

A trip to a diner turned a near-death experience when Mr Steve Ong’s four-year-old son, Braxton started having difficulties breathing due to an allergic reaction. 

Braxton, who is allergic to peanuts, had some soba noodles and oranges during dinner on Friday night (Oct 6). 

Shortly after, his eyes and lips started reddening, while his stomach began to bloat. 

Mr Ong’s wife, Ginny, initially thought that it was due to the medication that Braxton had been taking, as he had been unwell for the past few days.

However, when Braxton started to cough and made wheezing sounds, she realised that something was wrong. 

Ginny rushed Braxton to Physicians Practice Family Medical Centre, a clinic in the same mall where the diner was located. 

There, Dr Lai Yirong diagnosed that he had an allergic reaction. 

She quickly administered adrenaline and anti-allergy medication to Braxton via a nebuliser, a device that turns medication into a breathable mist. 

The medication dilated Braxton’s airways and allowed him to breath better, but Braxton still had a rash on his entire body. 

Mr Ong who had been at an event prior to the incident.

When he was informed of Braxton’s condition by Ginny, he rushed down to the clinic. 

Dr Lai stayed with Mr Ong and Ginny to ensure that Braxton’s lungs were clearer before the couple admitted him to KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) for further treatment.

Braxton was discharged earlier today (Oct 8) and is ‘all good now’, Mr Ong told The Straits Times

Said Mr Ong in a heartfelt post on his Facebook account:

“To all parents, we witnessed how life-threatening an allergic reaction could be. 

“And it could potentially be due to the soba noodle (buckwheat ingredient). 

"There were reported cases of anaphylactic shock in Japan and UK took away a few lives. 

“If your kids are trying out soba for the first time, please pay some attention.

“Lastly, our heartfelt gratitude to Dr Lai Yirong. She kept Brax's dreams alive.”

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