Nas Daily vlogger responds to critics for calling S'pore 'almost perfect', challenges them to live in Middle East

Mr Nuseir Yassin, the creator of popular travel video series, Nas Daily, has hit back at those who have criticised his video series on Singapore. 

The five minute video from the series which received 7.5 million views called Singapore an "almost perfect" country. 

A facebook page titled The Alternative View uploaded a post on Sep 18 saying: "Nuseir Yassin professes to be an authority on S’pore after spending only a few days here." 

According to The Straits Times, the post referenced several hotly debated topics such as Housing Board flats' 99-year lease, mandatory national service, the Central Provident Fund and the quality of train service here. 

Mr Yassin, 26, responded bluntly to the post in a comment saying: "I have a better idea: Why doesn't everyone here try to live in the Middle East for a little bit?"

Raised as an Arab Muslim in war torn Israel, a Jewish state, he said he that he would much rather live in Singapore.

"One thing my travels have taught me is that a lot of people lack PERSPECTIVE. And in Singapore, too many people lack it," he added. 

His comment has gotten 6,900 reactions while the original post has gotten 1,400 shares.

He received both negative and positive comments from Singaporeans.

Netizen Syzra Zahara K Sultan tagged the vlogger in his comment and said: "I apologise on behalf of my country men for their negative views and perspective of your amazing videos. Continue what you do best."

However, another Netizen Aleya Gaba said: "Just because other people struggle in a way that you perceive to be 'worse', doesn't mean our struggles are invalid. Our country is beautiful, clean, safe, but it's also deeply, deeply flawed."

There were many comments from people who chose to migrate to Singapore too. 

Mr Yassin clarified that the video was not sponsored by Singapore in any way. 

He is now in China making new videos.