Family of 3 hospitalised after car plunges into canal during accident at Taman Jurong

Submitted by Stomper Ah Boy

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Photos of a silver car which had plunged into a canal have been circulating on WhatsApp.

Stomper Ah Boy alerted Stomp to the photos which were taken from an accident in Taman Jurong.  

The accident happened at a junction between Yung Ho Road and Corporation Rd on Monday (Jun 26) at around 5pm, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao.

A family of three -- a 25-year-old female driver, her 22 year-old sister on the passenger seat, and their 57-year-old father at the back -- were in the car when a lorry collided into it. 

The female driver received 14 stitches on her forehead from injuries sustained. 

When reporters reached the scene, all three victims had already been conveyed to a hospital, while a taxi was parked by the side of the road.

The taxi driver and two passengers waited as police officers came to investigate.

The cabby who did not wished to be named said that he was behind the car when a lorry, which was preparing to turn right onto Yung Ho Road, collided into it.  

Said the cabby:

“The car was hit on the right and crashed onto the pedestrian pathway and then onto the grass patch, before plunging into the canal.”

The cabby said that the lorry driver did not stop after hitting the car and fled immediately after.

Reporters observed that the right side of the car was heavily damaged.

The wrecked vehicle also narrowly missed a large tree by the side of the canal, and the airbags were employed, hence cushioning the brunt of the impact. 

A friend of the female driver said that the family had gone over to Johor Bahru over the weekends and had returned home on Monday afternoon, only to head out again. 

It was then they got into an accident.

The friend also disclosed that the female driver received 14 stitches on her forehead and her condition is stable, although she suffered many cuts on her face.

The female driver’s sister had already been discharged while their father was in the ICU.

The police have confirmed that they received a report and investigations are ongoing.