Nanny in Taiwan fired after getting caught drinking employer's breast milk

A nanny was fired from her job after she was caught on video drinking her employer's breast milk.

The employer, surnamed Lin, from Kaohsiung city in Taiwan, had grown to suspect that the nanny was secretly drinking the breast milk that was meant for her two infant children.

According to Taiwan News, during her confinement, Lin saw the nanny carrying an empty milk bottle to the kitchen and asked her where the milk was.

She then discovered that the nanny had drunk it and she proceeded to scold and instruct her, "in the future, if my daughter is full, please feed the rest to my son!"

After another incident, Lin decided to look at CCTV footage of her living room and saw the nanny feeding her daughter.

She "glared" at the camera lens before going to the kitchen where she thought she was out of range of the camera before drinking the entire bottle of breast milk.

Lin was disgusted at how the nanny had lied and failed to properly feed her daughter.

She also was appalled that "she didn't even bother to burp her!"

Initially, the nanny refused to admit to what she had done but eventually said that she "had only drunk a little bit".

She also told her employer that the breast milk helped her with her anaemia and that her previous employer had given her milk to take home.