Naked uncle, 55, arrested after causing 15-min scene at Toa Payoh market

A 55-year-old man was arrested after causing a 15-minute commotion at Toa Payoh Vista Market on Saturday morning (Dec 29).

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to a video circulating on WhatsApp, showing the man strutting around the market while naked and barefoot.

He can be seen holding a bundle of clothes in his hands.

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they received a call for assistance at Block 71 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh at 8.30am and arrested the man under Section 7 of the Mental Health Act.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the man works at a coffee shop near the market.

A witness told Shin Min that she was buying breakfast at the market when she saw the man sprawled on the ground, like he was swimming.

The man then removed his pants and turned over, exposing his genitals, added 38-year-old Ms Shen.

The lady boss of a vegetable stall also shared how the man had walked into the market in the nude while mumbling and laughing to himself.

Ms Huang, 46, said: "We shouted loudly at him, but he did not respond, other than occasionally using his hands to cover his lower body.

"He even took shallots and chili peppers on display at the stall and threw them all over the ground. He only stopped when I took up a vegetable gourd and acted like I was going to throw it at him."

Ms Huang, as well as several other members of the public, then called the police. They arrived within 15 minutes, putting an end to the commotion.

Shin Min reporters who visited the coffee shop where the man worked found out that his co-workers called him "Ah Bak".

A colleague who did not want to be named revealed that Ah Bak lives alone in Toa Payoh, but has an elder sister.

Ah Bak, who has reportedly suffered from depression for years, was supposed to be on the afternoon shift at work that day but had been seen cycling around the coffee shop in the morning.

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