Mystery video of woman who ends up on car's bonnet after getting hit at pedestrian crossing posted on FB

In a viral video posted on Facebook, a woman was seen getting hit by a car and travelling several metres while on the vehicle's bonnet before the car comes to a stop and she slides to the ground.

In the video posted by Facebook user Wallace Isaiah Huan, the woman is then seen clutching her leg in pain.

The driver of the red car who hit her rushes out of his vehicle to see how she is.

He then helps her up and assists her to his car, presumably to bring her to a clinic or hospital for her injuries.

The video has since had over 900,000 views and has been shared over 8,000 times.

Stomp has reached out to Wallace for more information and was told that the video was taken by his friend who declined to be contacted or to provide more information on the incident.

Wallace told Stomp that the accident happened in the Ubi area.