Mysterious 'shell' spotted in Buangkok has 'menacing' legs and a life of its own

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Stomper Lau Lup was intrigued upon coming across this unusual creature among the grass in Buangkok this morning (Aug 5).

The unidentified animal was twitching about and had a 'pagoda-like' shell.

Lau Lup elaborated on his findings:

"I saw this strange little critter while going to work today.

"From afar, it looked like shit or organic debris. As I looked closer, I noticed that the crappy thing seemed to have a life of its own! It was moving in a jerking fashion on a blade of grass even when there was no wind.

"Being curious as I usually am, I stopped in my tracks and began to observe the critter closely.

"Initially I thought I saw a snail with a dirty-looking pagoda-like shell. As I zoomed in closer with my camera phone, I realised that the critter has sharp menacing-looking legs.

"Hence I realised that it's not a snail. This creature looked more like a caterpillar. It seemed to have gained inspiration from the snail, building a shell to protect its body.

"I hope to share this critter with readers. Perhaps they are able to tell me a thing or two about it. Thanks.TGIF!"

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