Mum in US makes terrifying find in baby's room: A monster spider

Families in the US are used to dealing with the occasional pest during summer months.

However, one mum made Facebook post on how she was left terrified after finding something far more disturbing then a normal pest.

When Jillian Duke was checking her toddler's nursery, she spotted a sting-like mass that turned out to be a large spider.

Shocked, she quickly called her husband and parents for help, reports ViralNova.

Her father rushed over to her home, and the two killed the spider with a book.

Both were spooked by the sheer size of the spider, and she sent it to entomologists to ensure that her baby's life was not at risk.

It was revealed that this was an Australian huntsman spider, one of the largest spiders in the world that is also poisonous.

The odd part about this incident is that the hunstman spider is native to Australia, it is not found in North America.

Duke has since urged her apartment complex to invest spray treatments to prevent such incidents.