Mum gives out goodie bags to passengers in case 4-month-old baby cries on 10-hour flight

Flying can be a stressful experience and admit it -- a screaming baby is usually one of the last passengers you would want to be seated next to.

A woman, who was travelling with her four-month-old son, sought to make her fellow passengers on a flight from Seoul to San Francisco more comfortable by giving out more than 200 goodie bags.

Facebook user Talal Masood shared photos of the goodie bags, which contained candy and ear plugs.

This was in case her child cried during the 10-hour flight, said Talal, whose post on Feb 24 has since garnered over 5,000 comments and nearly 50,000 shares.

The goodie bags also came with a note that said:

Interestingly, reactions to the Facebook post are mixed.

Many netizens praised the mother's sweet gesture.

Some also shared their own experiences of travelling with a crying baby on board, and called for others to show more kindness and sympathy in similar situations.

Several, however, felt that the mother's gesture was unnecessary as people should not need gifts to be understanding and considerate.

And then there's the other end of the spectrum.