Multitasking man rides Segway -- while carrying baby and pushing pram

Submitted by Stomper MakeitRight

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A man who not only held a baby, but also pushed a pram while riding on a Segway caused Stomper MakeitRight to be concerned.

MakeitRight was jogging along Punggol Place opposite Punggol MRT/LRT station at 7pm last Wednesday (Jul 18) when he saw the incident.

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MakeitRight said: "The said man was carrying a toddler on his left arm and pushing a baby pram while on a Segway all at the same time.

"He passed by Punggol Central and then upon reaching the traffic light at Punggol Bus Interchange, he dashed across the road despite the fact that all the other pedestrians were waiting for the green man to appear, and the traffic light was in favour of the vehicles.

"He then continued all the way towards Block 274 of Punggol Place."

MakeitRight felt really concerned about the man's actions.

"What happens should the Segway malfunction? Or what if because of carrying the baby, his view of incoming vehicles gets blocked?

"I truly think this man is very irresponsible."

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