Multiple fines not stopping this Honda driver from parking illegally at Edgedale Plains

Submitted by Stomper J

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A Honda car was seen parked illegally at Edgedale Plains in Punggol despite having been issued multiple summonses for the same offence.

Stomper J said that the illegally parked car is a common sight at Block 109A Edgedale Plains.

When he spotted the same car parked along double yellow lines again on Wednesday (Oct 7), at around 5.08pm, he took photos and shared them with Stomp.

J said: "I have seen the parking attendant issuing a summons to this car before and have caught it with the summons slip three times.

"I wondered how many summons the driver has actually gotten, so I decided to look up the licence plate."

The Stomper discovered that the Honda owner has three outstanding fines for parking offences on Sep 30, Oct 1 and Oct 7.

Asked if it was difficult to find a parking space in the area, J said: "It's not hard as the parking lots are very empty.

"I just feel that it is a waste of money paying these fines, unless the driver is sure that he can appeal to waive them off.

"Is the driver stubborn or just too rich?"

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