M'sian man 'grateful for stable job' earning up to $2,800 a month disposing garbage in S'pore

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Aug 24, 2022

Working in garbage disposal isn’t actually a career choice for most people.

But one individual from Malaysia justified his decision to work in Singapore as a garbage disposal man – and it’s for the decent wage.

TikTok user ezzaiky7 said he earns RM6,000 (S$1,900) to RM9,600 (S$2,800) once his salary is converted,  Malaysian media Sin Chew Daily reported.

The man, who appears in his 20s and shuttles from Johor to Singapore daily, also shared in a TikTok video his rationale for doing such a job, explaining that while life in Singapore is not as good as he had imagined, he is grateful for a stable job.

In response to a comment that claimed that the average pay in Malaysia is higher than in Singapore, the man replied in another video that people with high salaries in Malaysia are often those with high education qualifications.

He then added that he was "not educated".

"But if you know of any places that still offer high salaries, please let me know. I also want to live in my own country with a salary of RM7,000 - RM9,000. I want to know what that feels like," he said.

"I know sustenance is available anywhere… but looks like my fate is here (in Singapore). So I just accept it lah. But working here means that I must be tough. I have to face the traffic jams and all. But I can't complain because I'm blessed with a job, so I accept."

@ezzaiky7 Dengar sahaja best try dulu#runsgd original sound - Napi

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