'Ms Ziyi' surprises GrabFood deliverywoman with bouquet of flowers, fries and tip

Submitted by Stomper Koh

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Food delivery is hard work and often fraught with challenges such as bad weather, long waiting times at F&B establishments and impatient customers.

But sometimes, you may encounter random acts of kindness that will make your day.

Such is the case for part-time Grab deliverywoman Stomper Koh.

Koh told Stomp that she made a food delivery to a customer known as Ms Ziyi in Fernvale on Saturday evening (Dec 5) and shared the "great experience" she had.

She recounted: "Ms Ziyi offered me a packet of fries that she had ordered for me, though I did not take it because I'd already had my dinner.

"Then when I arrived at her door, she gifted me with a bouquet of flowers, and later even tipped me $3 through the app.

"It meant a lot to me and I was definitely very taken aback by Ms Ziyi's kind gestures.

"Being a newbie delivery rider with Grab, I think I am very lucky to have met this customer.

"I am very grateful towards Ms Ziyi for making my day!"