'Mr Motorcyclist on SLE, why did you point middle finger at me?'

Submitted by Stomper Kim

Stomper Kim was driving along the Seletar Expressway (SLE) on Thursday (Jan 10) when a motorcyclist pointed his middle finger at him for no apparent reason.

The incident occurred at around 5.16pm, towards Buona Vista.

Kim, who contributed videos captured on his front and rear cameras, said: "I am not too sure myself on what triggered him to point his middle finger at me.

"I only know that when I was filtering into Lane 1 of the expressway, I signalled my intention and made my filter into Lane 1.

"When I already had my vehicle head in the lane, I noticed the motorcyclist speeding up and coming fast in between the vehicles behind me from my right-wing mirror.

"He subsequently lane split in between my car and a car beside me. He then came to the front left of my vehicle and pointed his middle finger at me as seen in the video."

Kim also said he felt that the motorcyclist was riding in a reckless manner.

"He did not have the right of way but still pointed his middle finger at me," added the Stomper.