Mover sends photo of influencer Andrea Chong and says 'no bra inside' -- to Andrea Chong

Local Instagram star Andrea Chong was left in disbelief after receiving a text about her attire, which a hired mover had accidentally and mistakenly sent to her.

The blogger-influencer, who goes by her online moniker @dreachong, shared in a Facebook post yesterday (Dec 19) about her experience with the mover, whom she initially considered "earnest and sincere".

Said Andrea: "It started with a message he had intended to send to a 'business partner' which got accidentally delivered to me instead.

"Subsequently, he went into damage control mode, and came up with excuses, as you can evidently tell."

A screenshot of the message showed how the mover had sent a photo of Andrea in a spaghetti top and written 'no bra inside'.

Upon realising his error, he tried -- very unconvincingly -- to backtrack and claimed that he meant "no brand inside".

Andrea, who eventually cancelled a delivery appointment scheduled with the mover, added:

"Now I’m not here to crucify this mover or his company, because that does not solve or address the overarching issue: how some guys think they can get away with objectifying women."

She also shared previous instances of men behaving inappropriately towards her, such as:

  • Being inappropriately touched on her arm at a restaurant in Bangkok

  • Getting catcalled by AV-Crew guys while taking a photo outside the National Gallery (an incident that left her crying in distress)

  • A cabby who asked her: "So, what were you doing [at the Girls Home]? To talk about how bad you are?" (she was giving a Career Talk there)

In addition, Andrea pointed out that:

  • She was not showing too much skin

  • She was not behaving inappropriately

  • And yes, she was wearing a bra

Read her full post below or check out more screenshots and photos of Andrea in the gallery.