Motorists greeted by majestic hornbill perched on gantry arm at Rex Cinema carpark

Submitted by Stomper Raaz

Stomper Raaz's husband was driving into the carpark next to Rex Cinemas along Mackenzie Road yesterday (Jun 1) when they saw an unusual sight.

A majestic hornbill was perched on the gantry arm at the entrance to the carpark.

"I spotted this rare bird when my hubby wanted to enter the carpark," said Raaz.

She jokingly referred to it as a the new parking attendant.

Oriental pied-hornbills are a common sight on Pulau Ubin and are sometimes seen at Changi but they are rarely seen in the city.

This breed of hornbill is listed as "Critically Endangered" in the Red List of Threatened Animals in Singapore.

They are believed to have come from Malaysia before breeding here.