YouTuber takes video of himself in various parts of S'pore, accidentally catches lorry beating red light

Submitted by Stomper Elaugh

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Stomper Elaugh alerted Stomp to a lorry which beat the red light, almost hitting a pedestrian and an e-scooter rider at a traffic junction in Marina Boulevard, while he was filming his Youtube video ‘Elaugh Motovlog’.

The video, which features Elaugh visiting various parts of Singapore on his motorcycle, was shot in the first-person perspective and uploaded onto YouTube.

Just as he was riding along Marina Boulevard, the camera caught a lorry which beat the red lights, almost crashing into a pedestrian and an e-scooter rider.

Fortunately, the e-scooter user managed to slow his vehicle down in time, while the pedestrian did not cross, thus avoiding an accident.  

The incident was captured around 25 seconds into the 3-minute-long video.

Said Elaugh:

"Luckily the pedestrian didn't cross yet. The lorry still almost hit the e-scooter.

"Look before you cross the road. Just because the green man is on doesn't mean that it’s safe."