Motorcyclist with pillion rider crashes into ambulance outside Alexandra Fire Station

A motorcycle crashed into an ambulance just outside Alexandra Fire Station yesterday (May 18) at around 7.26am.

In a video posted on, the ambulance that had its sirens flashing can be seen leaving the fire station situated along Queensway.

As it was doing so, the lights at a traffic junction on its right side turned green.

Two vans on the first and second lanes respectively stopped to give way to the ambulance.

The motorcycle in between the second and third lane however, could not stop in time and crashed into the side of the rescue vehicle.

Based on the video, the motorcyclist could have been blocked by the vans and therefore did not see the ambulance.

Following the crash, the motorcyclist and a pillion rider fell onto the road.

The former got up immediately after the crash to check on his passenger.

Thereafter, SCDF personnel ran towards the duo to render aid.

Said an SCDF spokesperson in response to a Stomp query:

"At about 7.25am on May 18, an emergency ambulance was responding to an emergency call when it was involved in an accident with a motorcycle along Queensway.

"Both the motorcyclist and the pillion rider were immediately assessed by SCDF paramedics and they were found to have minor injuries.

"Another ambulance was dispatched to take over the emergency call."