Motorcyclist who turned right on straight-only lane nearly collides with car at Toh Guan Road

Submitted by Stomper Vikash

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Stomper Vikash had a near-accident with a motorcyclist along Toh Guan Road on Monday (Oct 29), at around 6.30am.

The motorcyclist had tried to turn right on a straight-only lane, causing Vikash to apply his emergency brakes to avoid a collision.

Said the Stomper: "The biker suddenly cut in to make a right turn from the middle lane, which is meant for vehicles going straight.

"The signal was in my favour but I immediately applied emergency brakes to avoid a collision due to carelessness of the biker.

"He should exercise some caution and not cross lanes without giving a thought to oncoming cars, and be careful before making such manoeuvres."