Motorcyclist shocked by $48.07 parking fee at One Raffles Place

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A motorcyclist was shocked when she was charged $48.07 after parking her motorcycle at One Raffles Place on June 15.

Stomper Val shared that she was attending a SkillsFuture course at Raffles Place but had trouble looking for a place to park.

"I was riding my motorcycle and circulating buildings in the vicinity for a place to park as I am not familiar with the place.

"I noticed that many buiildings did not allow motorcycle parking.

"I came by One Raffles Place's back lane and saw its carpark did not have a sign that motorcycles could not enter so I entered to park.

"I also noted there was no indication on motorcycle parking fees so I thought it would be free.

Val parked her bike at 9am and returned to retrieve it at 6pm.

"I was shocked to see the parking fee was close to $50, an amount that no riders would have in their CashCard.

"Five minutes later, the security came with a CashCard and said I have to pay him cash.

"He assisted in lifting the barrier after inserting his CashCard.

"This sum for riders is hefty and not many riders can afford to pay such amount, especially those who are making ends meet amidst the pandemic.

"I was shocked that motorcycles are charged the same amount as cars.

"I wrote to the management at One Raffles Place to appeal to pay half the fees.

"However, they were not flexible even when I explained my predicament and that the carpark sign did not properly indicate parking fees for motorcycles. 

"I would like to highlight this and alert other victims who have to pay so much for parking after earning a day's hard work.

"I am sure this is not the first time as the security had his cash card readily."

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