Motorcyclist leaves note for errant driver at Changi Business Park: 'I don't want to be killed by you'

Submitted by Stomper Trempest

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A motorcyclist left a note for an errant driver after he had almost collided with the latter in a carpark at 15 Changi Business Park Central 1 on Wednesday morning (Nov 6).

Stomper Trempest, the motorcyclist, contributed photos of the note and the carpark.

He told Stomp: "I've been working here at Changi Business Park for about three years.

"I enter the carpark every morning at about 8.30am and have noticed a lot of cars going against the intended flow of traffic to get to a parking lot.

"When entering the carpark, vehicles are not supposed to immediately turn right. 

"They need to go around but so many drivers just turn right to secure a lot even though there are still so many available.

"But today was a close shave. As I was turning towards the motorcycle lots, I came very close to a car that was going against the flow of traffic.

"I immediately jammed on the brakes and stared at the driver.

"The driver noticed me but she didn't bother to apologise or provide any other gesture of apology.

"She continued parking her car and I felt very irritated.

"I went up to my office, printed the note as seen in the photos and pasted it on her car's windshield. 

"I feel that these drivers are quite impatient and are being reckless. 

"I hope someone can look into this. There's a purpose in following the intended flow of traffic and this is for the safety of other people in the carpark.

"Everyone should follow the rules and we'll all be safe."