Motorcyclist knocked off bike after Merc hits him while trying to avoid stationary vehicles on AYE

A rider was knocked off his motorcycle by a Mercedes-Benz while riding along the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) towards Tuas on Nov 6 at around 8.25am.

A video of the incident was posted on's Facebook page on Nov 12.

The Mercedes driver made a sudden decision to change lanes in order to avoid a collision with stationary vehicles in front of him.

He did not see the motorcyclist to his left causing, the biker to fall to the road.

Although many netizens were quick to point fingers at the Mercedes driver, a man who claims to be the rider left a comment on the video giving his personal account of what happened.

Ruzaini Hashwam said that he acknowledged that the driver was wrong for swerving out suddenly but that he understands that the driver panicked and was not being reckless or having a "bad attitude".

He wrote:

"They said someone way in front made a [jammed on his brakes] almost to a full stop [in] the first lane, peak hour mind you...That's why you also see the white car almost out of its lane trying to avoid the car in front. I saw the white car and slowed down thinking I am able to avoid this, before out of nowhere I felt a strong force on my right side. The driver was in a state of shock, and was apologising profusely. The driver was in a state of shock more than I am. The driver was almost speechless and made no excuses. But kept checking on me. I feel the root cause was not the Mercedes driver fault."

He added that he managed to get away with just "abrasions, bruises and a sore neck" and told others to "stop cursing until you do know the full story". 

Watch the video below.