Motorcyclist hit by car in Malaysia: Stomper shares video to help with insurance claim

Submitted by Stomper Donny

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A motorcyclist was knocked off his bike after getting hit by a car in Malaysia on Saturday evening (Feb 17).

Stomper Donny witnessed the collision and shared with Stomp video footage of the incident, in hopes of helping the victim to "facilitate insurance claims".

He said: "I was driving from Legoland towards Johor Bahru when a car cut in from the left lane and hit a motorcycle in front of me."

In the video, the Malaysia-registered car can be seen hitting the motorcyclist and did not appear to have stopped.

Donny said a few other motorists stopped to help the biker and added: "The victim managed to get up by himself so I assume he was not too severely injured."

The motorcyclist was left sitting on the road with his bike, though it is unclear what happened afterwards.