Motorcyclist had near miss with same car 25 seconds before hit-and-run at Eu Tong Sen Street junction

Submitted by Stomper Chan

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A car and motorcycle was involved in a hit-and-run accident near Chinatown on Friday evening (March 10).

The motorcyclist, Mr Louis Yasushi, posted an Insta360 video of the accident on TikTok, where it has garnered more than 200,000 views.

The video shows that about 25 seconds before the accident, Mr Yasushi, who was carrying a pillion rider, had a near miss with the same car at Bukit Pasor Road.

The car was changing lane and did not see Mr Yasushi at first and almost hit him but stopped just in time. The video also appears to show the car driver giving Mr Yasushi the middle finger.

Mr Yasushi continued riding along Teo Hong Road and was about to turn right at the junction into Eu Tong Sen Street when the car came from behind and sideswiped Mr Yasushi's motorcycle as the car turned right.

Mr Yasushi wrote in the subtitles of the video: "I was lucky enough to anticipate and not drop my bike. Not to mention I have my pillion on with me. You could have potentially killed her."

After hitting the motorcycle, the car drove away along Eu Tong Sen Street towards Chinatown.

Mr Yasushi wrote in the video: "No point chasing him as it will endanger our lives even more. We both are shocked and I called the police after."

He added that he and his pillion rider had "some bruises" on their knees after their "near death experience".

@yasushilouis Both of us nearly crash today. I dont know what is he even thinking. Your ego and pride must be very fragile A hit and run on 10march23 1815pm Whatever comments you may have of who may be right or wrong. it still doesnt justify that accident.. To all my riders, its been hard out there but be careful brother and sister Regardless im thankful that i didnt drop the bike but i wish you Good luck driver #sgbikers #sgtiktok #sgroads #sgaccidents #hitandrun #sgvigilante #bikersg #motorcycle #sgmotovlog #fyp #fypシ #sgmotorcycle ♬ original sound - XiaoHoney 小哈尼

In the caption of the video, Mr Yasushi wrote: "Both of us nearly crashed today. I don't know what is he even thinking.

"Your ego and pride must be very fragile... Whatever comments you may have of who may be right or wrong, it still doesn't justify that accident.

"To all my riders, it's been hard out there, but be careful, brothers and sisters. Regardless, I'm thankful that I didn't drop the bike, but I wish you good luck, driver."

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to a case of hit-and-run at 6.12pm.

"No injuries were reported. Police investigations are ongoing," said police.