Motorcyclist flashes middle finger at driver despite his own reckless behaviour

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A motorcyclist was caught on camera flashing his middle finger at a driver despite his own reckless riding.

Facebook page posted a video of the incident on December 21.

A caption accompanying the video said: "This self-entitled motorcyclist rider was clearly in the wrong and yet had the audacity to flip the bird at the cam car driver.

"Rider formed up at wrong lane and also cut over chevrons.

"Some riders do not deserve to be on our roads. This is the kind of road user who road rages others based on their own folly."

The car driver was also praised for keeping his cool and moving on.

The video has been viewed over 142,000 times and drawn almost 300 comments, with many netizens slamming the motorcyclist.

Some also called the motorcyclist a "disgrace" and said his behaviour was "shameful".

One user commented: "Driving center just beside, he should detour back in there."