Motorcyclist falls off bike after crashing into car that already stopped for traffic light in Jurong

Submitted by Stomper Patrick

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A man crashed into a car and fell off his motorcycle along Jurong West Avenue 2 last Thursday night (Nov 15), at around 8.30pm.

Stomper Patrick was driving by and witnessed the incident, which was captured on his in-car camera.

In the video, the motorcyclist can be seen colliding into the rear of a red car and sitting on the road after getting knocked off his bike.

He eventually stood up and tried picking up his bike as the car driver exited his vehicle.

Patrick told Stomp: "This happened near Corporation Road.

"I think the motorcyclist was not paying attention as the car had already stopped.

"Even from where I was, I could see that all the cars ahead had already stopped.

"The motorcyclist did not seem injured so I did not wait at the scene.

"I submitted the video just in case the car driver needs it in the event of a dispute."