Motorcyclist dies, GF undergoes amputation after racing with car at Woodlands

A 22-year-old biker was killed and his girlfriend, the pillion rider, had to undergo amputation, after getting into an accident while allegedly racing another car at speeds up to 100kmh.

The accident happened at a traffic junction in Woodlands Avenue 5 on Aug 23, 2015, at around 3.20am.

The two were on their way to a friend’s house, along with friends riding four other motorcycles, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao.

During the race, the motorcycle that the two were on collided with a grey car, and skidded out of control. 

Court documents revealed that the deceased, Mr Jason Tan Jia Sheng and his girlfriend had been in a dispute with a motorist, Ivan Chew Zong Xian, 29, over his driving.

The couple and Chew glared at each other and even exchanged rude gestures.

Hereafter, Jason engaged the Chew in a race, travelling between 90kmh to 100kmh. 

A friend of the deceased said that he was riding behind the deceased and the Chew during the time of the incident.

He revealed that the deceased was supposed to make a right turn after stopping at a traffic junction of Woodlands Avenue 12 and Woodlands Avenue 4, but instead, he rode straight, along with the car. 

The friend continued tailing the two, and claimed that the Chew who was in the center lane, suddenly swerved to the left lane, braked for a moment, before swerving back to the centre lane. 

The motorcycle crashed into the rear of the car and flipped upwards, with both biker and pillion rider thrown off. 

State Coroner Marvin Bay said that although both parties had expressed "significant level of animosity", he ruled Jason’s death to be a "tragic traffic misadventure”. 

He found no malicious or deliberate act on the part of either party.