Motorcyclist confronts car driver in middle of road in Bukit Panjang and allegedly spits at driver

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Road rage?

A motorcyclist confronted a car driver in the middle of the road and allegedly spat at the driver through the car window.

A Stomper shared a dash cam video of the incident which took place near the junction of Petir Road and Chestnut Avenue in Bukit Panjang on March 23 at 6pm.

"I would like to report a road bully," said the Stomper. 

"I was driving along Petir Road when a motorcyclist suddenly got down from his bike, asked the driver to wind down his window, scolded him and spat at him.

"I later went back home to check my camera to see what exactly happened before the confrontation. I don’t think it was that serious to cause the spitting behaviour in public."

In the video, the motorcyclist can be seen riding on the leftmost lane and a white Citroen was behind him in the right lane.

As both vehicles approached a speed hump, the motorcyclist tried to change to the right lane to turn right at the junction, but the Citroen was too close behind, forcing the motorcyclist to return to the left lane.

After the speed hump, the Citroen slowed down to let the motorcyclist switch lanes before both vehicles came to a stop at the junction.

The motorcyclist then got off his bike to speak to the driver of the Citroen. It cannot be heard what was said in the video, but the motorcyclist was gesticulating angrily at the driver.

The motorcyclist appeared to spit at the driver before going back to his bike.

A woman in the cam car can be heard saying in the video: "Wah, spit at him. Seriously? I'm going to post on Stomp."

Can you see the spitting in the video?