Motorcyclist almost hits pedestrian while riding on pavement to enter Holland Close carpark

Submitted by Stomper Ben

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Stomper Ben witnessed a motorcyclist turning onto a pavement in order to enter a carpark at Holland Close on Saturday (Feb 24).

He managed to capture the incident on both his front and back car cameras.

In the video, the motorcyclist is seen riding dangerously close to a pedestrian as he mounts the pavement to enter the carpark.

Once he passes the gantry at the entrance, he leaves the pavement to ride on the road again.

"The safety aspect of this caught my attention," said Ben.

"Many people talk about cars dangerously tailgating to avoid paying fares in carparks but few realise that some motorcyclists do dangerous things like this too."

"I am sure that this is not the only estate and there could be other estates having similar risks of riders avoiding payment through the same manner too."

Watch the video below.